what if you started making car alarm noises when people you didn’t like touched you

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no one likes all of one direction equally I don’t care what you say there is one you would save from falling off a cliff over the other four

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"I know that most of you won’t believe me, but I wrote this song about San Diego. Well, not exactly, but about a guy I’ve met in San Diego. And I haven’t made any friends in a really long time, when I came here, since I’ve become a star I hadn’t really made any friends. And he put me on the back of his motorcycle, and we drove away from all my security, he got a lot of trouble. And I just held on to his leather jacket. and I just remember my helmet got all foggy, cause I was crying because I’ve been outside all by myself for so long. And he hid me away in his little shack by the beach and we made love all day long. And then he introduced me to all his friends, and I’ll never forget it because the one before him, he told me, I wouldn’t make another friend, he told me I would die a old rich woman in my big house with all my fame and no sense of the world, he told me. But not this guy. He told me he was a gypsy too and if I wanted to, we could go anywhere together or anywhere apart, and then he kissed me all night at our Mission Beach party…
(and I’ll never forget it, we locked ourselves in the bathroom…)"

Gaga about first meeting Taylor in San Diego (singing Gypsy)


Gaga on what she and Taylor do when the pizza delivery is at the door and they forget they’re recognizable